It's Time to Start Training


Checkout the following tips provided by Kids Adventure Games race director and world championship adventure racer Billy Mattison to help your racers prepare for competition!

  1. Review information posted on the Overview Section of the website. This will include race day information, descriptions about the obstacles on the course, what to expect on race day and an FAQ section.
  2. Research the potential course. Although the actual course is a secret until race day, if you live near the race venue take your racers there to practice mountain biking, hiking, running, etc.
  3. Start arranging travel to the venue. Research lodging options if you're staying over night or plan ahead for parking, racer check-in, etc.
  4. Research gear needed to participate in the race. Racers must have items such as helmets, a mountain bike, hydration packs, gloves, etc. A full list is available by clicking here. Make sure bikes fit racers and have them practice wearing their gear. Harnesses will be provided on race day.
  5. Research race food such as CLIF Kid bars and Horizon Organic snacks. Work with racers to decide what they like to eat when they're hungry but want to keep racing. Decide what is fast to eat along the course, but also easy to digest. Your racers will be working hard. Tip: Pull wrappers off goodies prior to racing so they don't have to.
  6. Start training with partners. Now is the time to start practicing skills and test gear out as a team. This should be fun! Make sure bikes are working properly, helmets fit correctly, backpacks are comfortable etc. Also, some teams like to simulate obstacles such as slack lines, running, hiking, crawling over objects and dousing themselves in cold water.
  7. Start strategizing with teammates. Think about who is going to carry the map, how to keep it dry, an easy place to store it so it's quick to grab at checkpoints. Teams should talk about how they'll help each other along the course.
  8. Sign up for skills clinics prior to race day where skilled instructors will review mountain bike skills, climbing, teamwork and more. Click here for details.
  9. We love costumes. Although there are no prizes for best dressed, costumes are encouraged and welcome at the races. Remember, we must be able to put a harness on the participants, which they'll wear the entire race.
  10. Get excited by checking out photos from past year's races and watching the training videos
  11. Share with us your training. Remember to post your pics and videos of your racers in training to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We love to see our racers in action!
  12. Last but not least, have fun with preparing and stay healthy. After taking time to prepare and train make sure your racer gets plenty of rest the night before, has a good meal and hydrates.


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