Refunds are not given within 60 days of your event. Please do not ask as we do not enjoy saying no. Read the full cancelation policy here.


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Only events more than 60 days out are eligible for a refund.
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I acknowledge that my entry fee is not refundable. I understand that if I withdraw from the Event up to and until 11:59pm 60 days prior to the running of the Event I am registered in, there is a $25 cancellation fee that applies (i.e. I will be returned the entry fee paid by me less $25). Should I wish to withdraw from an event from 12.00am within 60 Days prior to the registered Event onwards for any reason (including, but not limited to, medical reasons), there is no refund of any portion of my entry fee. Registrations can be transferred to another eligible team. A $15 transfer fee is applied for any team registration transfers. All transfers need to be completed in your MyEvents page provided when you registered your team.