My Adventure Race Story: Alison Altman (18 years old)

The crisp morning air sent chills down my spine as we lined up behind the start line. Echoes of announcers and excited parents with cow bells rang through my ears, a murmur of voices filling my head. I could feel the nervous pit of adrenaline in my stomach as I glanced towards my younger sister and teammate, Kate, for encouragement. I had always lacked that insatiable drive for competition that everyone else seemed to have, so I couldn’t decide whether I was more nervous for the race itself or excited for it to be over. Standing at the starting line at age 12, I would have never imagined how the Vail Kids Adventure Games could have become the highlight of my summer, teaching me more about competition and community than anything else I had endeavored throughout my youth.

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My Adventure Race Story by Ciara Wing (age 15)

The Kids Adventure Games turned me into a lifelong adventure racer.

Running along the paved trail with my backpack snuggly wrapped around my shoulders, I gazed at the Golden Gate Bridge and realized that Izzy and I have come far since our first Kids Adventure Games. This year is the first that we age out, yet Izzy and I are still going strong, having completed yet another adult race.

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The New is now live!

As we prepare for the 2019 Kids Adventure Games season this summer, we invite you to explore our all-new website. Though we prefer to get wet and dirty as we play outside, we’ve had fun re-imagining our online experience to better meet the needs of our adventure racing family, and create a site that draws new adventure racers to all of our nation wide events.

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