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A sporty eye-catcher at any event, with its 24 ft. height it literally towers above everything and can be wrapped in your personal branding for your event. Our mobile climbing wall travels throughout the state. On its way to a corporate team building event, village festival, sports day, garden party, birthday party or more.

Once arrived, the trailer folds out to a 24 ft wall in 15 minutes. 3 People can climb simultaneous on one of three separate routes of varying difficulty. The participants are coached and secured by expert guides.

The mobile climbing wall can be set up almost anywhere, as long as the surface is firm and flat. Every sports field, parking lot, park or square meets the requirements.


Height - 24 ft Width - 7.6 feet Weight - 3500 Lbs. Build Time - 15 min Tear Down - 10 minutes Surface Area Required - 8′ x 30′  Capacity - 30 pax per hour | Ages - Toddler to Grandparent | Routes - 3: 2 x green and 1 x blue | Crew - Instructor | Safety - Auto-Belay


*Combine with the Ninja Line Truss. Hours of activity with the Ninja Line. This modern version of Monkey Bars, stands 10 ft tall and is 12 ft wide. Kids love this obstacle! 

  • 3 hrs - $ 750 Combine with a ninja line - $1030

  • 6 hrs - $1200 Combine with a ninja line - $1500

*50 miles radius from Eagle, CO included *one guide. An extra guide is charge at $75 per session *lodging plus expenses will be charged if overnight